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"...Delivering a certain level of unconvention coupled with an honest depiction of a not so vulnerable man, Vernon Bridges dwells in the sickness of the present while looking toward the coming apocalypse with hope. The album gives a heavy nod to structured songwriting, with actual hooks and verses that match, creating conceptually complete songs that listeners can become invested in....Vernon Bridges details with a flush of imagery throughout the album, a proclivity towards substance abuse, the decay of relationships, the city’s whirlwind of grave notions and of course, the natural world that has been overcome by such things. However, a central theme in Vernon’s music is that the natural world is still a place worth returning to. Once that point is grasped, all sense of abstraction is removed and we are presented with a clear direction". Excerpts from a review in SD Raps written by Stunt Double for release of Wrought of Kaos

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